One Way Air suggests changing your filter on a 30-90 day basis. Some air return filters may only require your filter to be replaced on a 6 month basis. In our opinion you should never wait longer than a year to replace a filter, even though your filter may only be mildly discolored. Lastly, we recommend all of your air conditioning filter ratings to be between MERV 7-11 to limit excessive restriction on your cooling and heating system.
Although roughly 10% of air conditioning systems are under sized you may not always benefit from increasing the size of your unit. Many variables from the size of your home, the height of your ceilings, the size of duct work, and other factors have a large affect on the suggested tonnage rating . One Way Air designs and configures your duct system and the sizing of your air conditioner to maximize your cooling capacity and overall home comfort.
The rule of thumb in the state of Florida is 7 to 11 years. Many factors change the overall time period an air conditioning system can last. We recommend regular maintenance or an annual or semi-annual basis to ensure you are minimizing potential problems that can be noticed during preventative inspections. All systems sold and installed by One Way Air contain a 10 year manufacturer warranty to maximize the longevity and coverage of your air conditioning system in South West Florida.
The way to maximize cost when involving replacing equipment is to replace both the air handler and condenser. The benefits of replacing both your indoor and outdoor unit include AHRI rating certification, extended warranty from the manufacturer and direct increase in your SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio).
When systems are matched properly you increase your overall efficiency and reliability. This is because the manufacturer of your air conditioning system offers an extended 5 year warranty (10 years total) allowing you to get the maximum length possible. An AHRI rating is given when systems are compatible and permit-able due to certain guidelines. There is no disadvantage in replacing each air conditioning system together.
Proper air filtration paired with proper air conditioning maintenance are the two most viable things you can do to increase the longevity of your air conditioning system. Pleated filters help minimize the amount of pollutants, mold, bacteria, and other allergens entering your air conditioning system and ducting, while semi-annual and annual air conditioning tune ups can identify possible issues leading to break downs. Look for MERV and FPR rated filters instead of washable filters when shopping for your home air filter.
Study after study continues to show that semi annual and annual air conditioning tune ups are the most beneficial for increasing the longevity of your system. An annual check up can help minimize back ups, nasty pollutants and other unwanted air conditioning headaches. One Way Air in Fort Myers , Florida offers 6 month check ups as needed or annual check ups as well. Call our office for information about our 32 point inspection coupon today!
There are many products and services that can maximize the overall air quality of your home . One Way Air in Fort Myers, Florida has a wide variety of air quality products from whole-home media filters that eliminate the use of a basic one inch thick residential filter to ultra violet EPA certified air cleaners. We also offer HEPA vac cleanings to eliminate dirty and dusty ducting. Call us anytime to schedule a free estimate if you are having a problem with the air quality inside your home.
There are many different forms and levels of duct cleaning. The goal in cleaning your duct work is to completely remove any dust, dirt, debri and contaminates from coming into your home. A proper duct cleaning consists of a HEPA vacuum machine patented to clean your specific ducting material. All of our duct cleaning machines contain filters to eliminate and trap all particles from your duct work. We can help you breathe easier with clean, like new, sanitized duct work.

Certain routines paired with annual maintenance  are the most efficient ways to lower your heating and cooling energy cost. From increasing your thermostat temperature 3-4 degrees when you leave your home to maintaining a clean filter replaced every 30-90 days for airflow efficiency. If you are already doing these things and are continuing to have high energy bills and are noticing constant run time in your air conditioning we recommend calling us immediately for a proper diagnosis of your system.

Many factors can impact the coolness of your home and therefore increasing the runtime of your air conditioner and decreasing efficiency. Checking for proper airflow/ duct leakage, attic insulation, and system function is crucial in saving efficiency and saving money. Check out the “Energy Efficiency” page under the “Services” tab to see ways to cut cost and increase comfortability throughout your entire home.

Heating your home efficiently requires the proper type of heating system for your area. When homes drop below a certain degree there are different types of systems used to heat the home back to the desired temperature. From HEAT PUMP SYSTEMS, to systems with HEATING STRIPS to GAS FURNACES. In Fort Myers, Florida & surrounding areas your air conditioning system is most likely using heating strips. These strips are typically used less than 1% of total air handler usage as they share the same system as your cooling components. Increasing your heating efficiency requires a properly sized system and heater and surrounding systems (ducts, insulation, etc.). Check out the “Energy Efficiency” page under the “Services” tab to see ways to cut cost and increase comfortability throughout your entire home.

A straight cool system is a system using an air conditioner that cools with an outside condensing unit and an inside air handler. The condenser helps remove moisture from the air while lowering the temperature of the air. The air handler system distributes that cold air throughout your home helping reach your desired temperature. These systems use electric heat strips for heating your home during the winter months.

Using a variable speed system comes with a variety of benefits. Variable speed units are known to have higher efficiency ratings to directly lower energy bills. Their variable speed fans run quieter and only run on HIGH when needed. These types of air conditioning systems also help with indoor air quality and keep your home cleaner and more comfortable. If you are interested in upgrading to a variable speed air conditioning system or curious how it compares to your current system, schedule a free estimate using our “SCHEDULE SERVICE” button on the top right of the screen.

Two-stage systems is the type of system referring to your outside condenser. This type of system has a compressor with two different levels it can operate on. When operating on high capacity the system is using every component to cool your home on those hot summer days. When the unit is operating on low capacity it is using the minimum energy to cool your home therefore saving you money. Although the system may seem to run longer, this is actually saving you money because it runs at a lower energy consumption and also increases its ability to dehumidify your home. If you are interested in upgrading to a two-stage air conditioning system or curious how it compares to your current system, schedule a free estimate using our “SCHEDULE SERVICE” button on the top right of the screen.

The term S.E.E.R (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is used for determining the amount of energy during a cooling period. The higher your SEER rating the less energy your air conditioning system will consume therefore leading to lower energy consumption. When searching for a new air conditioning system it is always best to determine a budget that will allow you to get the most efficient system while remaining affordable. The minimum required SEER rating is 14 but will be changed in 2023 to help with overall energy and efficiency worldwide. One Way Air offers energy efficient level systems at every price point for every budget.

During the heat of the summer which is roughly 60% of your air conditioners run time we suggest keeping your thermostat at a comfortable temperature between 74 and 78 degrees fahrenheit. Setting your thermostat at 78 degrees increases the humidity and can increase the chance for mold and other unwanted issues. Here at One Way Air we offer thermostats and humidistats to keep control of the humidity inside your home and also allow you to set your humidistat in the summer when away on vacation to lower your air conditioners run time.

R-22 refrigerant has been replaced by R410a to combat destroying the ozone because it is an ozone-depleting substance. Upgrading to an R410a system can help increase energy efficiency and help protect the ozone layer. Getting parts and equipment for R22 systems continues to get harder and harder and are more expensive than R410a replacements. If you are ready to leave R22 behind or are thinking of installing an R410a system we offer R22 buyback programs and can determine potential energy savings from upgrading. Schedule a free quote in Southwest Floriday Monday through Sunday under our “CONTACT” tab.

If your air conditioning system isn’t performing properly in certain areas of your home, especially with Southwest Florida heat you may have a variety of issues at hand. When there is a problem with your air conditioning system it can keep certain parts of the home cooler than others. When there is a problem with your duct work there may be air loss or blockage leading to an uneven balance of air, making your home hotter in certain areas. It is best to schedule an emergency call immediately if you are experiencing issues with your air conditioning system to eliminate multiple other issues from arising. We currently offer ONE FREE EMERGENCY SERVICE CALLS to all new customers with these exact problems at hand.

Residential service contracts or “preventative maintenance agreements” are semi-annual or annual agreements between One Way Air (the company) and the customer agreeing to regular check ups and other benefits. In addition to a regular yearly service to help keep your manufacturer warranty covered. We offer benefits that help cut costs during emergencies, for new installs, and rewards for referrals. When you sign up for a service you become priority service, this means never paying for a trip charge (even after hours) and benefiting from our “SAME-DAY Guarantee”. One Way Air is currently running a special for $125 for a 2 Year PMA (Preventative Maintenance Agreement) for all new customers. CALL TODAY @239-233-4356 for more information about our HVAC coverage.

Once our technicians are done addressing your visit of the day, we will explain to you the benefits of our service contract (Pma). These contracts work by binding the consumer and contract and in a signed and verbal agreement that we will service your air conditioning system regularly (annually or semi-annually) until the expiration of the contract. The contract offers many benefits and can help increase the longevity of your system while helping maintain cleaner air flow. One Way Air is offering a $125 Preventative Maintenance Agreement with 2 years of coverage that are FULLY TRANSFERABLE to new owners or your new property shall you move.

Our residential service contract covers all trip charges ($125 charge) related to any work orders to be preformed at your property/properties. All contract customers are priority service which means we get to you FIRST in case of an emergency. Also included in the contract is a variety of discounts on labor and new installation. For more information in total coverages or if you are interested in a service contract give us a call.

Service contracts do not cover any type of mechanical failure, water damage, mold issues, or any other unforeseen issues that pertain to home ownership. Service contracts are not a direct reflection on the warranty for your air conditioning system and do not cover ANY non warranty parts. Labor is discounted but is also not covered in the service agreement. Each customer is still liable for an $85 diagnostic fee and/ or other charges for breakdowns and emergency visits.

Indoor air quality is the quality of air inside your home. Indoor air quality can be directly affected by pets, dust, dirt, mold, bacteria, cooking spices, and other airborne odors/etc. Many recommendations from cleaning your duct work and regularly changing your filter are at the top of the list for ways you can help your air quality. Mold purification systems and while home air filters and air scrubbers are the most beneficial ways to ensure your home is healthy snd breathable year round. Check out our “Indoor Air Quality” page under our “Services Tab” or fill out the link on our contact page for a free evaluation on your indoor air quality.

Regular household dust, mold spores, pet dander, candle smoke, construction dust, and dirt are just a few things that cause most indoor air quality problems. Regular monthly filter inspections and annual air conditioning inspections are the best steps you can take to prevent issues from starting. Irregular preventative maintenance and not replacing your filter regularly are some of the biggest issues for your homes indoor air quality.

Good indoor air quality can be measured by the amount of dust in your home, how dirty your filter gets after 30-90 days, and a measurement of humidity and breathable air. Some filters may not need replaced but every 3-6 months, especially when paired with an indoor air purification system that eliminates mold and other allergens as well as regular duct and air conditioning maintenance. Indoor air quality can also be affected by a malfunctioning air conditioner that isn’t properly removing the humidity or drawing allergens out of the air. Get your air quality and breathable air back with our Indoor Air Quality Package.

Muggy air, high humidity, constant clogged filters, and black particles coming out your duct work are the first signs of bad indoor air quality in the workplace. To immediately try to increase your air indoor air quality without calling a licensed air conditioner professional, try replacing the filter if it is dirty. Make sure your fan is set the the “AUTO” position and not the “ON” position. If these issues aren’t helping we suggest you reach out to your local professionals at One Way Air. We offer multiple air cleaning solutions to access, fix, and prevent future indoor air quality problems.

Tests and monitors that measure co2, VOCs, Humidity, Temperature, and Pressure can be used for constant air quality monitoring. One Way Air still
recommends a full 32-point inspection to assess the condition of your air conditioner. Dirty airflow can leave microbial growth and spores inside your blower motor and ductwork. This can also include nasty impaction inside your evaporator coil.

Keeping a list of your air conditioning maintenance schedule as well as air filter replacements. Remember to use a pleated MERV filter with a rating of no more that 11 restriction. If you are wanting a licensed professional to handle the dirty work give us a call.

Regular air conditioning maintenance on an annual or semi-annual basis can help maintain a better indoor air quality. Filters must be changed on a 30-90 day basis as well as duct work cleaned and sanitized regularly depending on indoor construction while not more than 8-10 years per cleaning. One Way Air offers commercial and residential air conditioning maintenance on an annual or semi annual basis.