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Air Conditioning in Lehigh Acres


One Way Air in Fort Myers, FL is a your complete HVAC outlet. One Way Air provides residential and commercial air conditioning services of every aspect with you in mind. That is why One Way Air recommends Annual & Semi annual maintenance inspections to help your whole Home air conditioning system stay running longer and cooler than ever before. In the event that you do have air conditioning or heating issues we also offer 24/7 EMERGENCY service calls with your first service call FREE! These AC break downs and service calls happen daily in SWFL and for that reason we keep our local Air conditioning services trucks fully stocked for same day repairs and A/C replacement if needed. We are happy to diagnose, repair, or replace your system as soon as possible to keep your home cool and clean. Call our residential and commercial air conditioning contractors.


When you allow your air conditioning system to run continuously in SWFL without the proper care it can lead to many problems including failure. This is why One Way Air, offering residential and commercial air conditioning services has created of the lowest annual preventative maintenance agreements to keep air conditioning headaches at a minimum while remaining affordable. One Way Air’s residential and commercial HVAC check up is currently $34.95 for a one time check up consisting of a 32 point A/C inspection of your Heating and Cooling system. The Tune-Up price is waived with the purchase of an annual residential preventative maintenance agreement.
Cape Coral Air Conditioning Repair Service


Nobody in SWFL likes a coming home to an air conditioner that’s not working, especially on a HOT & Muggy summer day. This is why we have implemented its 24/7 Emergency Service for ON THE SPOT repairs. We know how dreading it can be waiting for someone to show up to a service call just for them to send a second technician or wait for a part to be order. One Way Air residential and commercial air conditioning services stays stocked and educated to fix your HVAC system the moment it goes down. We also offer solutions to keep you cool through the night if you do need a more extensive fix on your cooling system.


Whether you just can’t get a certain part of your home to cool properly or your entire home to cool properly we can make it right! If your comfort feels out of balance or it’s just time to upgrade your air conditioning system, consider it handled. One Way Air residential and commercial air conditioning services designs and upgrades your entire duct system to cool the way your home was intended to cool. The same thing goes for cooling system. SWFL puts a big strain on Air Conditioning systems and your house feels best when your AC cools at its best. One Way strives to keep you cool and comfortable in your favorite habitat!


The product is selected, the timeframe is scheduled, and now you wait to be installed. Rest easy and stress free with us on your side. Replacement of your HVAC system is what we were born to do! All of our installers are our employees and our work will ALWAYS be done in house. We go above and beyond to keep you cooling and your air conditioning running smoothly. That means working Monday to Sunday 24/7 around the clock for emergency installs when needed.

Residential And Commercial Air Conditioning

Frequently Asked Questions
It is recommended that air filters be changed every 3 months to ensure efficiency and functionality, if used frequently. If you are using it sparingly, you can consider changing them between 6 to 12 months.
Not necessarily. When it comes to air conditioning unit, size is an important factor to consider but it does not immediately conclude better performance. Bigger is not always better. When buying your AC unit, you need to take into consideration the size of the property it will be cooling. 
A regularly maintained HVAC equipment can last for as long as 30 years.  
Highly efficient air filters are very helpful for people with allergies and respiratory problems. These help improve the indoor air quality. 
Maintaining cleanliness in your home will help improve air quality. Investing in an air purifier can help in the improvement of air quality inside your house.