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Electric bill continuing to grow?

9 times out of 10 it’s your defective air conditioning system or the things around your air conditioning system causing a rise in your energy bill. Your air conditioning and heating system is roughly 50% or more of your electricity bill. Some things to look at consists of your level of insulation, condition of duct work or even the run time of your air conditioner. One Way Air offers a proper evaluation of your home’s efficiency by One Way Air can determine the direct issue causing a rise in your electric bill.


Yes your bedroom can still be as cool as the rest of the house regardless of it being a few feet further away. An imbalance in your air conditionings air flow can cause one side of your home to cool better than the other. This can also lead to increase run time and pressure on the system decreasing the life of your heating and cooling system. One Way Air offers diagnostic tests to see where all your air is directed and the steps need to properly balance your airflow accordingly.


Most homes built in Southwest Florida before 2005 carry an R-Value of around or below 13. It is recommended in the state of Florida and SWFL to have a minimum of R30-R60 or 10-18 inches thick. Here at One Way Air we can determine if you have enough insulation and give you an approximate estimate on total cost saving due to adding in the proper insulation needed for your home. Insulation not only helps keep your home cool during hot SWFL summer days but it also directly reduces the run time needed to cool for your air conditioning system. Therefore helping prolong the life of your system and can help potentially minimize repairs needed.

Energy Efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions
Energy efficiency refers to the goal of reducing energy waste and the effects of air pollution. 
You can have your house evaluated by us  through our Energy Efficiency services. You can also consider making changes inside your house or premises, such as by replacing your current utilities and appliances to a more energy efficient type, can help improve energy efficiency. 
Absolutely! Being energy efficient does not only help you cut down on your electrical bill, but it also plays a significant role in protecting the environment.
It helps conserve energy and electricity, which allocates more resources. Likewise, this also has an impact on increased employment productivity among workers, since being in an energy efficient environment where good air quality, temperature, and lighting are factors to consider, can affect work quality. 
Most certainly, it is actually proven to be the most effective way to reduce cost and promotes a regulated and well-allocated usage of resources.