Why We Offer A Residential Service Agreement?

Helps Reduce Future Problems

Study after study continues to show that annual inspections can prolong a systems life and reduce energy cost by 5-40%. One Way Air offers preventative maintenance on an annual and semi annual basis. One Way Air tune-ups consist of a 32 point inspection with proper filter maintenance and drain line clearing/flushing. Our technicians make sure to do ever step possible to reduce service calls and help prevent repairs on your air condition system. This includes checking your heating in the winter months and temperature split in the summer months. The best way to help with big energy bills and costly future repairs is a preventative maintenance by One Way Air.

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Included With the Contract

Their are many benefits for being a One Way Air contract customer. Each contract customer gets preferred service which means we come to you first. When an emergency arises we rearrange our schedule to get to you FIRST same day guaranteed! This also includes no trip fee charged EVER for a preventative maintenance customer on ANY service call. From senior citizen discounts and first responders/ teacher community credits. Allow us to show you what priority customer service and pricing is all about. One Way Air prides ourselves on maintaining every customer without searching for the “big tickets”.

What To Expect With One Way Air?



From the initial hello, our friendly team will explain all initial charges and what to expect when we arrive.


Heads Up

We use cutting edge software that will notify you when we 
are on our way, by call or text, so you know when we are due to arrive.



During each visit we explain every option, top to bottom, providing you a variety of choices for a zero pressure experience from start to finish.



Rest assured that your experience will be documented and reviewed in our monthly report to ensure the highest quality interaction.

Frequently Asked

Our residential service contract covers all trip charges ($125 charge) related to any work orders to be preformed at your property/properties. All contract customers are priority service which means we get to you FIRST in case of an emergency. Also included in the contract is a variety of discounts on labor and new installation. For more information in total coverages or if you are interested in a service contract give us a call.


You can purchase a residential service contract with us.


A residential service contract will not cover anything that are commercialized. 

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For a LIMITED TIME, you can get a FREE smart home thermostat with your next ac installation.

Get A FREE Smart Thermostat

For a LIMITED TIME, you can get a FREE smart home thermostat with your next ac installation.

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