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Why schedule regular AC maintenance?

Regular AC maintenance can optimize cooling performance in your home, maintain air quality, control energy consumption (and bills), and prolong the life of your system well beyond the warranty.

An AC system is a major investment for most Tampa Bay homeowners. Protecting that investment with regular inspections, cleaning, and tweaking of performance makes good sense.

At One Way Air, our dedicated technicians have been servicing all types of AC systems in Southwest Florida homes for the past two decades. We’ll help you maintain optimal performance while preventing future problems and expensive repairs.

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$34.95 32-Point Inspection

A $79 Value for only $34.95, get your AC running like new again. Contact us today. 

One Way Air

AC maintenance for all makes & models

The One Way Air team services all types, makes, and models of AC systems. Whether you have a split-system central AC unit, a mini-split/ductless system or a window-type air conditioner, our technicians can optimize it.

By scheduling tune-ups at least twice per year with us, you will ensure that you:

  • Optimize cooling performance to maintain comfort levels throughout your home
  • Maintain good indoor air quality by reducing allergens, dust, and pollutants
  • Maximize efficiency and keep electricity bills down
  • Save costs by preventing unnecessary repairs from “surprise” issues
  • Catch any potential issues early on before major damage is caused
  • Prolong the unit’s life by ensuring that parts don’t get worn out
One Way Air

What’s included in an AC service call?

Twice-annual AC maintenance from a professional HVAC technician will address the following and more:

  • Inspection and cleaning of the condenser/evaporator coils 
  • Changing the air filters
  • Evaluation of refrigerant levels and check for leaks
  • Lubrication of all moving parts to reduce wear and tear on components
  • Calibration of the thermostat
  • Inspection of the ductwork to ensure no leaks
  • Inspection of condensate lines, insulation, drain pan, etc.
  • Inspection and tightening of all the electrical connections 
  • Leveling of the AC unit (if necessary)

This helps prevent future problems, costly repairs, and, most importantly, the discomfort of your family in the heat of a Florida summer.

What To Expect With One Way Air?



From the initial hello, our friendly team will explain all initial charges and what to expect when we arrive.


Heads Up

We use cutting edge software that will notify you when we 
are on our way, by call or text, so you know when we are due to arrive.



During each visit we explain every option, top to bottom, providing you a variety of choices for a zero pressure experience from start to finish.



Rest assured that your experience will be documented and reviewed in our monthly report to ensure the highest quality interaction.

Frequently Asked

If your AC is spewing warm air or making loud noises, it may be obvious that you need a visit from an HVAC professional. Other problems may not be so evident, such as an inefficient AC system that uses excess electricity or is gradually becoming less effective at cooling. Here are seven signs that your AC needs a tune-up.

Some AC maintenance steps, such as cleaning or changing an air filter, are relatively straightforward. The majority of the work involved in maintaining an air conditioner, however, is specialist work that should only be performed by professional and licensed HVAC technicians. All AC systems involve complex mechanical equipment, electrical work, and refrigerant, which can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Our standard AC maintenance cost is $79 but this is sometimes available for less when offers are running. Contact us today to book a service call.

It’s not always obvious that you need a new air conditioner. If your AC system is older than 10-15 years, bills for AC repairs are increasing each year, and expensive parts need replacing, it might pay to replace your unit.

Other common signs that your AC may need replacing include rising electricity bills, poor cooling performance, increasing moisture and humidity in the home, and loud noises or strange smells coming from the unit.

You can prolong the life of your AC system with regular maintenance. Well-maintained, high-quality HVAC equipment should last at least 10-20 years.

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Get A FREE Smart Thermostat

For a LIMITED TIME, you can get a FREE smart home thermostat with your next ac installation.

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